Jenna C.

My husband and I feel so lucky to have found John to help us purchase our first home. First of all, John's a very likable person: Friendly, down-to-earth, patient, and a great listener. It was really important to me to not feel rushed or pressured about anything in this process, and John was so respectful and supportive, while also bringing so much knowledge to the table. We loved knowing that John works with his dad because we felt like we had two generations of experience in one Realtor®. He pointed out concerns that we had overlooked in certain houses and really seemed to know a lot about the construction side of things. Even my dad who owns a construction company was impressed by this. When it came time to make an offer on our dream home, John really came through for us. Our house was a probate sale, only accepting offers after a full week of open house showings, and John went every other day to gather whatever bits of information he could and remind the listing agent that we were serious. He helped us to craft a personal letter to the seller and strategize additional incentives in our offer, and he calmly kept us sane while we waited. After a crazy bidding war of forty-two offers, John landed us our home despite our offer not being the highest. We were amazed and so happy. Our house is a fixer-upper and John was quick to refer us to trusted subcontractors, repeatedly saying that he hoped to continue to help in any way he could after the sale. I can't wait for my friends to need a Realtor® so I can refer them to John. We couldn't have had a better experience.

Kevin C.

My wife found Inci randomly through Zillow and we could not have been luckier. We saw over 70 houses together in this especially brutal Covid-fueled housing market. She organized day after day of scheduled showings and, since we didn't have a car at the time, was nice enough to pick us up and drive us to all of our showings, giving us plenty of time to talk and get to know each other. She was a perfect match for us as she clearly appreciated a lot of the same style of houses that we were drawn to and quickly picked up all of the specific things we were looking for (walkability in LA). We went through the ringer on 13 different offers before we finally got one to stick and Inci was always there to support us and keep our hope alive even when it really seemed like we'd never find a house. She's always professional, kind, and never has an ounce of the overly slick, high-pressure used-car-salesman attitude that some other agents have. I highly recommend Inci to anyone looking for a genuine, authentic, and dedicated agent that will go the extra mile for you. Thanks, Inci.

Victoria H.

Can't say enough about how positive and wonderful my experience was with Gina (and John). They are both extremely kind and sharp, which was a wonderful combination for such a competitive market. Gina was able to get our dream home over about 30 other offers. It was mine, and my husband's first time purchasing property, and she was so helpful and informative every step of the way. We saw over a dozen houses and she and John always patiently went over the options with us, pointed out things we might have missed about properties, and had a really keen eye for what we were looking for. We really trusted them to negotiate and handle all the ins and outs of closings, and they worked super, super hard to close quickly and smoothly. Gina answered questions quickly, provided recommendations on professionals to help with all our closing and mortgage questions, and was overall just a joy to be around. She got us our dream home already. But if we ever decide to sell or buy more property, we cannot imagine anyone more capable or fun to go through it all again with.

Genevieve J.

John was not only an incredibly competent real estate agent, who knows everything about Los Angeles and helped us maneuver all the ridiculousness of buying a home but also an astonishingly patient and kind person. He stuck with us for many long months, during which time we fell out of escrow once, changed our minds about neighborhoods about 15 times, and gave him a never-ending list of criteria for a house that really didn't exist. If he was annoyed with us, John never showed it. Instead, he'd cheerfully get us into the next house, help us understand the next neighborhood, and buoy us when we felt quite deflated by the process. We are so grateful to John for being such a good human in the middle of what is a pretty gross industry, and we would recommend him to anyone who's looking for a home in LA.


Wow. That sums up John. Absolutely fantastic. This was my first home purchase in California and John made it a breeze. Honestly, the market out there is difficult, rough, and frustrating to say the least. A home would post and two hours later it was off the market. I'd make an offer and 10 more offers of cash would be submitted along with it. It got to the point that I was sending texts and emails to John at 6 am, to try to get a jump on the market, and John was on point. Within minutes of 7 am he was responding back to me with information he had gotten from a half-awake seller's agent. John is knowledgeable, personable, and always ready with a smile and laugh. John goes above and beyond. My Aunt is now looking to buy another home and John is our man. I Couldn't be happier.

Richard A.

To say that John Christopher is a great Realtor® is truly an understatement. From beginning to end he demonstrated professionalism and is relentlessly hard-working. He was helpful in the staging of our home and produced maximum exposure in advertising the sale of our home. What we appreciated the most about John is that he is such a good listener, is patient and honest in all our dealings. You can tell that John loves what he does but the thing that surprised us the most is how thoughtful and kind he is. We will always be grateful to him for taking us through what would be considered an extremely stressful process into one of trust and confidence. We have nothing but praise for John and would highly recommend him to anyone selling their home.

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